Friday, July 04, 2008

A Little Stressed

I have again invited everyone that has commented, there was one person that didn't and it is b/c I didn't get an email and I couldn't pull up your profile to get it. Please try me again and you will be approved.

I will still post here about the kids, I will give updates about the case but very vague ones.

The kids are doing amazing but there are signs of stress. Ruthie had her first accident in over 18 months last night. She is talking about her feelings about masturbating obsessively every time their names are brought up. Cyr is over parenting everyone again, including me. (I don't mind so much b/c it almost gives me a break. LOL) They are asking to "camp" together and I feel that they are far enough along that they can handle it so there are sleeping bags everywhere in the living room. They are playing nicely together and that in itself is a miracle. They are concerned when one child leaves the group for any reason and another tends to follow to check on them. It shows how far they have come. One last thing that really surprises me about them today, they are volunteering to clean! Who does this? I think it is to keep busy but I am not gonna argue, clean away. When they are done here, anyone else need a little work done?

I tried to make plans for fireworks today but they are not interested at all. Pool, yes but no other outings.

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