Thursday, February 07, 2008

What a Stinking Mess

Shyanne has been gone since Friday and I still haven't been served the discharge paperwork. I talked to the aunt on Tuesday and she promised in a snotty tone to look into it. I called her again today and explained I can not be legally responsible for a child that is not in my care. She, again, was snotty and said she would look into it. I called their county probate courts to see if they had filed and they had. The requested a copy of my paperwork and said they would not grant it until I had discharged it. She mentioned I needed to check with our county office to see if the mother can even sign it or are her rights temporarily terminated. Our county agreed with their county. Great, I have a kid that I have no idea where she is, I am responsible for her, she is not in school, and the family refuses to help. I asked her what I should do. She said, "You are to treat her as if she is your own child. What would you do if someone promised to return your child and didn't?" Call the police, right? I do not want this to drag out but I can not wait forever. They were not to remove her until I discharged. In the middle of all this her therapist called and asked to see her. I had to tell her the situation and now she is reporting this to DFCS. Lovely. She said this child's best interest was not being considered by her mother and she thinks she should stay put until the year is out. I hate to give up on a child but I want this craziness out of my life. If the court says they are alright, I do not want to fight this. Just get it done already.

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