Friday, February 29, 2008

Talk about Crazy

Their parents called again last night and I am avoiding them. What if that tips them off that something is off? Probably not smart enough for that. They think we didn't really adopt them b/c DFCS has an open case on them, it didn't dawn on them that it could be a new one. The teen mother and her son moved out immediately when they were contacted about their safety but nothing clicked for the parents. I guess I will send some pictures to them to hold things off for a bit. I just got a negative feeling about sending them pictures after learning what they have done. Maybe I am being greedy or selfish.

My sister and her new DH had an incident on the road yesterday. Now keep in mind he is the Asst. Chief of Police in the city they live in. They (Kiki, BIL, Abbie, and Brooklyn) pulled out onto a main road and a truck coming extremely fast swerved around them and got in front of them flipping BIL off and then slowed to a snails pace. BIL (being the gun toting, classy, cool, calm, collected man we all know and love) flipped him back off. The Crazy Guy motioned for BIL to pull over and refused to sped up or get out of the way. BIL did while Kiki reminded him to calm down and just call this guy in. BIL and Crazy Guy get out of cars and Crazy Guy starts freaking out, trying to remain calm BIL gets in Crazy Guy's face then walks away, never giving Crazy Guy a clue who he was. Crazy Guy screams he is calling 911 b/c BIL was harassing him and BIL tells Kiki he is driving around the corner to call Crazy Guy in b/c he is obviously on drugs. Both do it and 2 police cars show up in a minute so BIL drives back around to Crazy Guy and cops. Crazy Guy is going off and telling his side then the officers turn to BIL and ask his very different side of things, again never revealing his identity. When all is said they turn to Crazy Guy and say, "OK Sir, you are going to jail." Crazy Guy freaks out screaming how he is the one that called the cops and he didn't do anything wrong. They looked at him and smiled, "You have 2 warrants and we are going to charge you for possession of the marijuana sitting on plain viwe on the front seat of your truck, not to mention you are harassing our Asst. Chief of Police." and pointed to BIL. Crazy Guy's mouth fell open, he went to jail. This had to be the only person within 100 miles that didn't know who my BIL was, he was all over the newspapers when he was first promoted. They get stopped constantly by well wishing strangers, Brooklyn (3) thinks they are all famous now b/c everyone knows their names. I guess Crazy Guy should have read the paper.


Anonymous said...

ya gotta love stoners for the good laughs...

Anonymous said...

That's freaking priceless. I love it! Finally, the good guy gets even. I'm a police officer also, and it can be so frustrating to always have to be the better person, the professional. Future adopter in Alaska here. Appreciating your blog.