Monday, February 25, 2008

I refuse to post anymore today

The news I have been holding on to for the last few weeks that has been eating away at me is........we are having to move. This has been such a huge disappointment for us as their parents, they have moved so much, they are in the middle of the school year, and they have friends now.

When we originally moved here the Belinda decided she couldn't afford this huge house and she couldn't sell it or she would have to pay her husband half her profit from the house. We agreed to a 2 year Lease Purchase. She suddenly became addicted to crack after she was introduced to it by her new boyfriend and has since disappeared. Over Christmas we were bombarded with calls from lawyers, car rental places, then the knocks on the door in the middle of the night repo guys looking for her. We thought we had things worked out awhile back when we were able to locate her, she immediately changed her number and is gone. During our brief discussion we were able to get the mortgage company info and have been sending the payments through Western Union. They are no longer accepting the money and have begun to foreclose on the house. We will be given 3 days notice at some point but have decided to take the loss and move before they knock. We are unable to get our money back for the months they won't accept b/c it was sent in her name.

The good news. The kids are thrilled with the thought of a move and not for the reason we assumed. We were naive in thinking they would be upset and then figured they were just comfortable with moving and it was familular. No, they are happy b/c their family won't know where they are. They are so afraid their beloved aunt and uncle might tell their parents or their parents might follow them that the thought of moving is comforting. Emma is upset about losing her best friend but once we promised to have her visit, she was fine.

Now let me tell you about the house. I promise pictures when we head back out there for the walk through next week. We will be renting in the area that we will be building our dream home. The house is simple, 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 down with a total of 3 baths. The kitchen is so small I am not sure how we will manage but everything else we need is there and I think we will be turning the dining room into additional cabinet space since we don't use a traditional table but a picnic table in the kitchen. So the house is ok but the property is perfect! With almost 4 acres they have a basketball cement pad thingy, lots of hardwood trees (that is particularly difficult to find in GA b/c pine trees are EVERYWHERE) that have the underbrush cleared out, a barn with stalls (the kids want a pig, we are thinking of horses maybe later), a gigantic area for a garden, almost an acre of grass for playing, and more berry bushes than we can eat in a summer. We are so excited about the garden, the kids remember having one at their Nanny's and I had one years ago with my teen girls. (Any advice on gardening would be helpful, I am just gonna wing it).

This area is in the country and the best part is that the home school services all the kids special education needs. They will all be going to the same school! I called the County's Transportation to find out what school it would be and the Supervisor went on and on about the school. I called the County's Special Ed Dept and she went on and on about the teachers there. I looked it up online and they are a decent school with a nice mix of children, low ration of students to teachers, low free lunches, and good test scores.

One other really good thing, the rent is less than half of what we are currently paying. We will have the resources to pay off the property we find and build on it. My DH has always dreamed of doing this himself and since we don't have the time right now to get it together we will at least move to the spot where we can do it in our own time.

I dread the move, I haven't packed a thing waiting to find out what we were doing and where we were going. Our scheduled move in date will be March 8th. Any volunteers to pack? I have decided since we are moving to a house that is so much smaller than our current one, we will be donating a lot to someone. I am leaving all their broken toys and they can take 4 or 5 toys each plus all the group toys like XBOX, board games, and outside toys. We are downsizing big time.


My name is Andy. said...

WOW Tudu, that is big news! Good luck on your move!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW you will be busy...hey...another good thing...since she was a looser and it is in repo you can just leave any crap you don't want and not have to worry...

sorry you are downsizing but the future plans sound great...let us cybers know if there is anything we can send for helping out


Mongoose said...

Once again I wish I could come and help you pack but... I don't have enough gas money to get that far right now. :( Move up here, I'll help you UNpack! LOL And yes I'm still thinking of coming to see you, I just have to make some money before I can go on any vacations! There will be a post on this on my open blog tomorrow, hopefully.

Anyway I hope the move goes well. Will you be able to keep the same AT for the kids?

Thanks for your comments on my blog, I'm PMSing and that always sends me into a tailspin depression-wise, so I'm feeling pretty sad right now, but at least this time I'm not crying constantly like I was doing in Alberta. Still, I needed some support just now, so thanks for being there for me. :)

momofmany said...

You may want to think about hiring movers to help out.
We moved to our new home. I was alone as my spouse was traveling for work. We hired movers and also had them come the day before to pack up all the things I couldn't do on my own. They packed up the kitchen and other items in much less time than I could have.

The fee was reasonable as well.