Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ells revealed very disturbing memories about her parents in Attachment Therapy this morning. I had to take a minute in the restroom to gather myself. At first, I thought she was just repeating things she has heard but then I noticed her hands were really sweaty and she changed her tone of voice, the words were her own. It makes me sad, more angry that sad and very worried about what else may come out.

My son has now begun to call me Mama. It is in a baby voice and I am trying to ignore it b/c it is annoying. They all call me Mom or Mommy, not Mama. Weird that it makes a difference but it does.

Cyr is rocking on her chore lately and she decided to wear clean clothes today! I hate to praise her for it b/c she will stop but I can tell y'all. Yeah!!!!

Ava broke toothpicks in half and put them outside my door. She admitted in AT today that it was to hurt me. How sad is that? They did hurt me, one stabbed me in the foot as I went to my room last night. At least she is succeeding in something.

The AT was asking about a relationship I have with someone, not a relative or friend but more of a professional relationship, he wanted to understand her part in our life and her boundaries with the kids. I explained she was very passionate about the kids and I thought he would fall off the chair. He admitted he loves to hear my descriptions of people and that is whey he has asked about several people lately. He chooses ones I seem a bit negative about b/c he loves to see me spin a positive response when he knows the opposite is true. He swears that is why I am so good for these kids, I take an overbearing, nosey person and call them passionate.

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Anonymous said...

Tudu you amaze me...that is all I can say...and I am glad that you have an AT who seems to be a good therapist for you too....I feel so badly for these kids it just kills me...I wish I knew you better and I wish we were closer IRL...I would love to meet you and watch you do your thing that thing that is just so good for these kids...