Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Interviews

The kids were so nervous about today and they did wonderful. We asked them to be brave and honest, they were. Everyone but Cyr was interviewed today and she will be joining Ava tomorrow for her second interview. We didn't ask alot of details, to spare ourselves, but they confirmed everything we said and so much more. The detectives spoke to the Asst D. A. and they feel confident they will be charging them with 6 counts of Aggravated Child Molestation. They have a lot of investigating to do over the next few weeks, they need files from all the therapists, DFCS, our agency, and we have to schedule medical exams. They will be contacting the aunt, uncle, and Gparents, all are completely supportive of this process. Then they will bring in the mother alone, I will not be surprised if she confesses. He will deny it without a doubt. We talked a bit about facing them in court and what kind of witnesses they will be. The kids could go either way but they feel the tapes from today will say everything they need. They were detailed, in their own words, and they matched up on many levels, in other words too many witnesses saying the same things. Each charge can bring 25 to life, they feel any decent attorney will plead it down but there will be a lot of jail time. The kids have no idea of the legal happenings so they don't worry for the next year or longer about court. We did tell them everyone needs consequences for their behavior, they all agree and told the interviewers they never wanted to see their parents again even if they did love and miss them.


Andy said...


Anonymous said...

way powerful....my best to those children and to you


Innocent Observer said...

What burns me up the most is, how long were your kids in foster care? Why didn't anyone look into this before now?!?!

My foster kids had stories to tell...no one wanted to hear them.

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

I'm so glad to hear that those people will have to face jail for what they did! I hope they're put away for the maximum!!!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are brave and wonderful. I know you are proud. I pray that the birth parents will be brought to justice. Tell your kids they my hero's!