Thursday, February 07, 2008

I hate it when a kid MAKES themselves cry (over not getting to a toy first) until they hyperventilate and when they cough for over an hour to irritate me. My responses today to both kids were, "I'll check on you when I hear you pass out." and "If you throw up, Sweetie, make sure you clean it up." A huge step up from stabbing herself with pencils and attacking me.


Mrs. Incredible said...

ROFL! I love you!

Thanks for keepin' it real!


waitingforsibs said...

Good responses :) My homestudy for our sibling group starts this nervous

Angela :-) said...

We haven't had hyperventilating yet (guess I should feel lucky?), but we do have one who fake cries multiple times each day. Goes out of his way to find "reasons" to do so.

Angela :-)

Torina said...

I love the fake cries. They drive me nuts too but I know my daughter will be a star actress some day because of them. She hasn't quite mastered bringing on the tears though. So I usually just tell her, "Nice show but I need to see some tears." Later on she usually apologizes, "Mom, I'm sorry for putting on a show earlier. It was all fake. I promise I will never do it again." LOL.

Ooh, I just thought of something!! What if next time you gave your kids a little tupperware container and tell them to save their tears cause they are using so many they will surely run out. Hee hee hee.

Take care!!


Linda up north said...

Oh too funny :) Two of my fake cryers have a pattern that I like to imitate while they wailing: sob sob sob...giant air suck. sob sob sob... giant air suck. There is a wooing noise that goes along with this and I like to see if I can match the pitch :) I know... compassion runneth over!