Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Confession, More Sick Kids, and a Fight

I did something horrible, I am not ashamed, and you can't make me be. Frankee had installed the MySpace IM thing on my computer and it is always on so these creeps pop up. They do not just say things like, "Are you there?" or "What's up?", they say "Hey, Sexy!" and "I need to see you, I'm horney!". I don't want my kids to see that crap so as they popped up I told them to leave me alone and blocked them. This means she loses contact with these losers w/o even knowing it. Well, that's not the part I am talking about, last night that felon popped up. His words made it obvious she hadn't really told him to go away and he began begging her to come over for sex. I finally responded in a nasty way, "You are a criminal! Go away, get a clue, I am not your friend!" and then I blocked him. MUHAHAHA! See no guilt here.

I've got multiple kids going down. Ava and Shyanne on Thursday and Friday. Ava felt better yesterday but is back down for the count and took Patches and I with her. My DH has been in bed for 4 days with this stuff. Little Michael, Ruthie, and Emma are about to hit the floor any minute, they are coughing and complaining of a headache. I think Cyr may be the only survivor in all this and it is due to her constant distance to us, she pointed this out as a good reason to stay away. Yeah, right!

My DH is the best man I know. Who else would have agreed to parent our little crazies? He hasn't been feeling well and he has been a weiney about EVERYTHING. I went to give him medicine the other day and he yelled at me b/c I had to turn on the light in the hall. Kind of a jerk to say the least. ANyway, he has been kinda picking on Michael, he thinks it is in good fun but it getting to be too much. He calls him a girl, his daughter, a Mama's boy, etc. Michael is a bit feminine and while I have no idea his sexual orientation it is possible we will learn one day he is gay. He likes many things that are more feminine and even like to paint his toe nails red, not pink b/c in his mind that would be girlie. This could all be b/c he is the only boy or not, who knows? I just think we need to be careful about teasing him about that, just in case. My DH is an idiot and thinks otherwise. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't care if he is, he just thinks I am going to open the door and make it happen by not making him tough enough. Stupid man. So we argued about it and even though he doesn't agree with me, he does agree he doesn't want to hurt his feelings so he apologized to him. It was so sweet, he told him he loved him, he doesn't really think he is a girl, and he told him he sometimes makes mistakes as a Dad b/c he didn't have a good example as a kid and he needs Mom to tell him how to be better just like Michael. He promised me he will try to watch his words and teach him about being a boy and not teasing his feminine side. My DH has good intentions, he is just a man. LOL

Then they went to the store and got more medicine for us and some chocolate for them. I guess he showed me.


Yondalla said...

I totally support you attempting to chase of the creeps. Of course you already know that if she wants to find them again she will. Still, it is her fault for leaving the darn thing on!

How old is Michael? You might want to stop reading here, because I am not going to be able to prevent myself from recommending reading material...

There is a book called, "What if Someone I Know Is Gay?" that might be a good book just to have lying around for all the kids. It is a basic question and answer book. I think it can be helpful for kids who are wondering about their own sexuality.

For parents I recommend "Always My Child"? It is written to parents who wonder, suspect, or know their kid is something other than straight. It gives some good guidance.

And because I know you have nothing better to do than read books, I cannot keep myself from recommending "Not Like The Other Boys" because it is one of my favorites of all time. It is a mother & son memoir. They alternate chapters. It starts when he is about five and ends when he is in his twenties.

If you were reading over at my place you know I had a boy here for a while who expressed a desire to be a girl. Though it is possible that he is trans, I became more and more convinced that it was a trauma-coping strategy. I don't think his sisters suffered what he suffered and when he was very young concluded that if he were a girl he would be safe.

But 'tis all speculation. I'm so glad to see that you are supportive regardless.

Christine said...

It is very important having a wonderful and supportive husband.

Mongoose said...

LOL Good thing you're there to "raise" your husband too! It doesn't even matter what the teasing is about, constantly teasing a person is just hurtful and unwelcome.

And I don't think one can predict sexual orientation by little behaviours like that. When we were kids a lot of people thought my brother was gay. He's almost 30 now and he's still straight. Plus you don't "turn" someone gay. You can raise a boy to be a big baby but you can't raise him to be gay. Or straight.

Seems like a pretty minor detail to worry about anyway...

And Cyr is a pretty smart girl. :)