Saturday, February 23, 2008

A fun Weekend

We are off to a camp out at my sister, Kiki's, new house. It has not a stitch of furniture and just had the toilet put in. I am sure my kids will be charming and well mannered but crazed from the over stimulation of burned marshmellows and no bed time. They are sleeping in a tent with the older cousins and with proper placement, I feel they will do well. We will have several tents out there so the ones that tend to act out will separated. My DH an I are expected to sleep on a blow up bed inside and I am thrilled he has lost so much weight, now we won't exceed the weight limit and end up on the floor.

We are having an entire pig, the kids wanted to know if it was a baby one or a senior citizen. I about fell out and assured them it died of old age. I know they will just choose the hot dogs she has provided unaware it is the same things. LOL

I slpet well last night, only waking 5 or 6 times. These nightmares are becoming more clear and I am afraid this mess with them has just stirred my own memories of abuse. This is something I can deal with. After many years of therapy I am in complete control over it and am sure it is just the fact I am relating theirs to mine. It should get better from here.

I am off to Walmart before the world wakes and the kids starve to death. We have another lovely scheduled AT appointment for Cyr and Patches today. I hope they are able to be as strong as the others.

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