Friday, February 22, 2008

I Slept, Mostly

I was restless from 1:53 on but I got several hours in. Woo Hoo!

My son has decided he won't take a shower, we are on the 3rd day. He also wets every night so there is bit of a bonus to his stench. I hug him every day and tell him I love smelly boys but it is too bad his "girlfriend" Sophia probably won't. Dad will put his foot down over the weekend and I am sure he will cave in. This is surely coming from all the stress in the house and he has coped many times this way. He protects himself from sexual abuse and emotional closeness by smelling like a toilet.

Ruthie woke in a very good mood and she is aware we are going to therapy to talk about the scary things. I think the thought of missing school makes it all worth it. LOL

I talked to their Gparents, aunt, and uncle that we will be holding off on future visits. The kids are frightened they will tell their parents were they are. They were very understanding and promised to keep their mouths shut. I feel sorry for them all, they are in such pain over the kids and the loss of their daughter. They refuse to speak to her again.

I have had my 2 nieces all week and Abs, 8, asked me if my kids were always going to be crazy or will they be normal one day. Kinda sad at 8 she sees it. I assured her they were just temporarily crazy like me and that made her laugh. She adores them, quirks and all. She just worries. She is a sweet child that is suffering from a severe undiagnosed learning disability, the same one I suffered through elementary school with. It makes her feel stupid b/c she just can't read or comprehend anywhere near grade level. I remember those feelings. She and I were talking about it yesterday and I asked her if she thought I was smart, she laughed and agreed I was. I told her we had the same LD and I know she is just as smart as me we just hide it until the teachers learn to teach us the right way. Then all of the sudden we get it and are the smartest people in the world. She is excited to be smarter than her older sister (she actually has an IQ over 130 so that may be a stretch). She is in the process of having an evaluation with a private psychologist b/c the school refused to test her, she passes all her homework (it is not graded just given a 100 if completed) but fails her tests with 50 or below still giving her a barely passing grade. Stupid, huh?

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