Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Being Served

Everyone here is getting sick, they either are at the end, in the throws of a serious fevers, or starting to drip from every hole in their head. I am surrounded by needy, sick people! I keep thinking I am going to get it any minute but have somehow managed to keep it at bay. I have had my moments of misery but never went down.

Cyr is having a hard time keeping friends and my first instinct is it is her but what if it is the other girl? She is flipping through "boyfriends", too.

Frankee never called back and her sister's DP called yesterday to tell me they are having the Sheriff serve us papers to sign and file for their guardianship. We decided this is her child and no matter how screwed up she is she has a right to make the decision to lose her. As long as she doesn't end up back with her, anything is an improvement on what her life was. Shyanne deserves family.

Frankee on the other hand has posted some lovely crap about me on her MySpace page. She is in another "relationship" with a guy she met there. We have figured out she has had unprotected sex with 6 people in 2 months. That is a death wish. I am very angry with her and have thought of composing an email but am afraid I will be hateful and prove her right. She needs someone to blame for her disregard to our rules and safety so for now it is me. I am sure we won't hear from her for a very long time, if ever. She has no connection to ANYONE and is able to completely shut them off without looking back. It is so sad we have been through this with several of our former foster children, they use us up and never look back. The few that do are always forgiven and welcomed back with an apology. She is a very sick person and I hope she is able to find a safe place to land b/c I do not think she will ever heal.

The house feels weird without Shyanne and Frankee. She may hate us but we will miss them.

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