Thursday, February 07, 2008


The DP of the aunt returned my call and was shitty with me, not snotty, shitty. She told me this was all my fault, I refused to go to the courthouse and sign the paperwork. This is true, I couldn't go at the specific time she required b/c my DH was at work and I had several kids home with fevers. I never refused to sign anything. She left me a message AFTER she was at the courthouse and I called her back ASAP. She had already left the building and paid for a Sheriff to deliver the paperwork. I thought they would deliver quickly, like the D.A. delivered Frankee's restraining order. I was wrong. How is this MY fault? I am so angry right now I could spit. Michael is taking tomorrow morning off to go sign. These people need to go away!!!!!!


FosterAbba said...

I would definitely report this to your social worker.

debiP said...

yes, she needs reporting for sure


Innocent Observer said...

What if you don't sign?

I would call the police and have this child returned to you ASAP. Then I would file your own restraining orders. I know that you want this craziness to end (believe me, I understand!) but there is a reason that Frankie gave you guardianship to being with. Most likely to protect her daughter from stupid shit like she is pulling right now.