Sunday, January 20, 2008

We got so much more snow yesterday. What is up with the weather here? I swear last year we only had a few flurries one time and they didn't even make it to the ground before melting. The kids played all day in the snow or should I say slush in the yard. It did manage to freeze up really well last night and make some of the road nasty with black ice.

The best thing is Michael went on his first play date. Yes, he was very well behaved and can't wait to go back. They took him sledding in the park and fed him homemade cookies, now he wants to live with them. He was so excited b/c their family has 3 little boys and NO GIRLS, heaven for him. LOL

Tomorrow we have 7 dentist appointments at 8AM and I am not sure what I was thinking when I made the appointments but we will go anyway.


Mongoose said...

Hehehe. Good for him. Maybe he could join the Boy Scouts if there are some nearby. I know my Girl Guides love the fact that there are NO BOYS in Girl Guides.

Innocent Observer said...

We did 6 dental appointments not that long ago, but I brought my husband and ran the kids to school as soon as a "school load" of them got done.

Good luck, and YEA Michael!