Friday, January 18, 2008

A Cup of Pee and an Attempt on My Life

After a lovely IEP meeting with Ruthie's teachers I received a call from Frankee that I needed to hurry home. She had to be left with the kids for about 20 minutes so I could attend the meeting and she was furious about something. Turns out she found a plastic cup full of pee in the bathroom. Yes, someone actually thought it would be cool to get a cup from the kitchen, pee in it, and leave it for someone else to find. I knew right away who it was but of course had to be sure so I set everyone down in the living room and asked. No one jumped up and begged forgiveness but Patches raised her hand, the culprit had confessed to her. I am sure you had already guessed it was Ava. I asked her if it was true and she nodded.

I remained very calm and we did some snuggle time. We had a long hard talk about why other kids do these kinds of things. She admitted she is mad at me for hollaring at her, sending her to her room sometimes, and for making her do her chore. She also admitted she is mad at her Mother for not taking care of her and making her come here. She is such a sad little girl. I told her how awesome she is, how much I love her even if she wanted surround herself with cups of pee, explained my job as her Mother was to teach her lessons that she might not want to learn, and told her I will never give up on her. Her AT had decided to step her up a bit and I completely agree, she is very disturbed.

I cut Ella's hair last night and she is possibly the cutest kid ever. Ruthie needed her bangs trimmed and she, too, is a cutie.

We had quite scare yesterday, Frankee had run out of gas in my van and had to get a can of gas and walk back and fill it up. She set the can in the van and grabbed me a grilled chicken sandwich and put the bag next to the can. I guess it soaked up the gas into my sandwich b/c when I was eating it it tasted weird and I kept smelling gas. I assumed Frankee was what smelled and the soggy sandwich had just been sitting too long. I was wrong. Of course, I finished the sandwich and my throat started burning so I called Poison Control. SHe had indeed tried to kill me but wasn't successful this attempt. I have been teasing her since, she feels terrible. She swears she will think it through before she tries again.

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Mrs. Incredible said...

I, too, had a cup of pee today.

But it was mine.

To diagnose the UTI that kept me up all night. God bless antibiotics.

Love, Corey