Monday, January 28, 2008

Very Bad News

Before I get into the VERY BAD NEWS, I wanted to tell Mongoose that she is one of the kindest and most supportive folks, I really appreciate the offer but I have to decline. You are putting my family before your own needs and I will always remember this, if I can ever do anything for you please let me know. I am here.

On to the freaking me out, making me cry bad stuff. I have complained before about Frankee's poor choices with men and her MySpace account. She has met 50+ weird people on there and Friday I saw she had pictures of MY kids on there so I asked her to remove them. Not that bad you say to yourself, that is not the bad part. Friday night she comes home from work with some car following her and announces she is going out for the night with Chris. I think Chris is someone from work and remind her she needs to be home by 9AM to watch a few kids so I can attend AT. She surprised me and was home at 7:30AM but hung over, AGAIN. This has become an EVERY weekend event and she is so focused on her getting drunk and going out every weekend that her search for playmates for it begin on Monday. Anyway, she needed a ride to work Saturday and Sunday night and this Chris volunteers to drive over an hour each way to take her and then come back to bring her home. I am thinking weird guy, something is wrong with him. Then I find out he doesn't work with her he met her on the Internet and is only doing this b/c he likes her. Oh No! She then tell me yesterday he is kinda freaking her out but lets him drive to pick her up anyway. She calls from work and says he mentioned "prison" a few times and is making her feel uncomfortable so look him up online. OMG! Turns out he is not only an ex convict still on parole due to his VERY recent discharge after 8 yrs in prison but his crimes are very violent. He has 2 counts of aggravated assault (attempted murder here), discharge of a fire arm (how he tried to kill 2 people), and 2 felony counts of possession of a controlled substance (cocaine). Then after he was released on a property bond he went somewhere and was convicted of 1st degree Arson (they had to prove he planned the act before doing it and intended serious if not fatal injury to someone) and possession of explosives. I hope it was not an ex girlfriend. My new BIL is the Asst. CHief of Police over there and offered to pull up the reports for me.

Needless to say, we have had to ask her to move out immediately. This worries me greatly b/c she is bipolar and can be quite vindictive, her daughter can not go with her, and who knows what she will tell this guy about why she has to move. I talked to Frankee's sister last night and she wants Shyanne back immediately. We can't legally do that either. It really doesn't look like Frankee is going to get her crap together so we need to think long term family for this child. I am more than willing to have her stay here but she does have family that wants her so if Frankee wants that I will do what I can to help. I know we can't just transfer guardianship, it doesn't work that way. How sad for that little girl?

On a better note, my husband's very expensive snakes have hooked up so this year we are going to Disney World! (if they actually have live babies and not slugs that is)


DebiP said...

Tudu....I am soooo sorry that this is happening ...can you get some kind of protection from new BIL...I wish there was something I could do...I would gladly foster care for you in a heartbeat but I am a whole country away from you...let me know IF THERE IS something that I can do I will do what I can...

Often wondered what DH did...not really clear still but hey, go snakies produce some really cool babies and NO SLUGS!! momma needs a new van and a trip to Disney

Mongoose said...

Actually I think putting pictures of your kids online IS "that bad." The last thing you want is the wrong people finding that information.

All that other stuff is very scary especially with the guy knowing where you live. I hope no harm comes of it.

And maybe the snakes can pay for your tires and transmission! Honestly, let me know if I can help with something. :)

(Hey, maybe you could post pictures of the snakes some time. They sound cool.)

Yondalla said...

I am so sorry.

Innocent Observer said...

What happened to my comment yesterday?

I'm sending you warm fuzzy thoughts. I think that issues like you are now experiencing are what make people reluctant to jump in and lend a hand. Kudos to you for helping when many of us would not.

What kind of snakes?

*~JESSIE~* said...

Oh that sounds like quite a mess. I hope things work out soon.