Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Visit with Nanny and Poppa

I was warned by both the kids' aunt and their Poppa that he lived like Sanford and Son. They were exagerating a bit but it was like a treasure hunt for the kids. They started out beautifully dressed and well behaved and ended covered in black dirt (something we do not see much of here in red clay country so I thought it was poop!). The kids were obnoxious and difficult to keep up with. At one point I didn't hear them so I went out back and they had climbed in some random car. Their Nanny refused to tell them "No" about anything and I found myself being irritated.

While we were there it was discovered that the kids' parents had broken into their Great Poppa's house on the back of the property (again) and stolen his entire social security check. Their Poppa was more than a bit angry b/c he had suspected them but everyone knew it when the aunt admitted she had spoken to them earlier and they had told her they won the lottery and it was, you guessed it, the same amount they were missing. The last time money went missing it was the night before they went on their first vacation ever to the beach. It amazes me how stupid they are being. Anyway, their Poppa asked ME for advice. I just told him I would have called the police the last few times and I would definitely do it this time. If anyone else had broken in he would call the police, it is worse behavior b/c they are family and he is a very old man with nothing to begin with. I got a call last night from their aunt and he really did call the police. I am so proud he is standing up for himself. I am concerned about something their Mother said, she claims her mother did it b/c she is the only one with a key to his locked box. I wouldn't be surprised if they both did it. How sad is that?

After we left, the kids were awesome, filthy but awesome. We headed to my sister's new house WAY out in the country. They had a bonfire and fed us sandwiches. We took a flashlight and went in 2 abandoned houses on either side of her property. It looks like people just up and moved out, everything in it's place for 15 or so years. It was more than creepy. In the back of her property she has a very small coffin. When they bought the house they found it and called the police. It had a bag of rotten flesh in it but all the cops took was the bag. It looked like someone bagged a baby and just threw it out there. Weird to say the least.

Patches had a very good session in AT this week. Michael is driving me insane with his throwing things and crying (remember crying is progress for him). Ava is attached to me at all times (ok, except when she sneaks off and I have to go find her). Emma has a friend spend the night. Cyr is spending too much time with her Dad and told the AT I am never any fun. Ruthie is acting like a baby today. Ella is off pull ups again and hoping this will be the last time she needs them.

Today is Ella and Ava's 6th birthday. They have requested doughnuts for breakfast and one wants steak for dinner while the other wants cake for dinner. I think I can handle those requests.

We have an issue with our house that I will post about later. Keep your fingers crossed things go well.


Mongoose said...

You know, this is why I never meet my men's families anymore. Other people's families are so much work!

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the house, and cheers to the birthday girls!

Mammy said...

Fingers crossed...

Mongoose said...

Nice blue. :) It's quite soothing.