Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Cyr loves to sit back and quietly push buttons. This is her thing. She is loved by everyone that meets her, she likes everything they do and she doesn't get mad. What they can't see is she is stealing their things, manipulating them, back stabbing them, and getting back at them in her sly little ways.

I got to thinking the other day it has been a long time since I have had a pile of her clothes. I checked her private bathroom and found it FULL of them. She was asked to clean them up, my bad for not being specific so yesterday I found them jam packed under her sink. I think it has to be everything the child owns b/c now that I think back I am not sure she has had any clothes cleaned since she moved down there. Gross! I also discovered she has been listening to Frankees conversations on the other extension. Rude? She stole a very nice razor from Frankee's bathroom and hid it in her's. EEWW! I check her email account sometimes to see if she is being appropriate and discovered she is "dating" the brother of her neighborhood friend and she had been emailing Frankee weird things. ("I like you more than I like my Mom." "You are so cool and funny, my Mom sucks." and other lovely sentiments) No wonder he was at the bus stop this morning for the first time ever, she snuck out yesterday when MIL was babysitting, and she is hiding with the phone. She has stopped doing her homework and has D s in 4 or 5 areas. Those are just the things I caught yesterday. She quietly manipulates my DH and tries to make him feel sorry for her until I step in and he sees the whole picture. (Don't get me wrong he knows she is trying to do something but he just can't figure out what until I tell him.) She also bullied Ella into trading back packs with her so she could have a cute one and Ella could have her old one.

I can't wait to see her non reaction when I address these issues with her. She will not respond and will take any consequence quietly making sure I never know if it angered her. She will even laugh about it at some point like it was so funny.

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