Thursday, January 10, 2008

The House

We found our home last Spring and had to have it. We have done so much work to it and spent so much money on it and looking back it was a mistake. We agreed to do a 2 yr lease and purchase the home after the owners divorce was final so she would not have to share any profit with her drug addicted soon to be ex husband. Since that time we have been visited by multiple repo guys in the middle of the night looking for her, Enterprise Rental Cars at 7 am, and harassed by lawyers looking to file criminal charges against her. We began receiving certified mail for her several months ago but had no idea what they were for until the lawyer reached us and filled us in. She has lost all of her homes (3 other ones besides the one we are in), stopped paying her car payments on 2 cars and they are looking to arrest her for theft, and rented a car and never returned it. She began using crack shortly after we moved in and told my DH she was trying to get rid of the new boyfriend and quit using. She has disappeared.

When we moved in we had a ton of work to do here b/c the house had mysteriously flooded right after we signed the agreement. I thought it was suspicious but had no proof. She told us her insurance company would pay for all the repairs and even offered to give the work to my DH so we could earn some money and get it done correctly. She hummed and hawed about the check and told us to take it off the first 2 months rent and she would get her check and just pay the mortgage company. We have heard through the grape vine she never paid the mortgage. Last October and November we had such a hard time reaching her that we asked to pay the mortgage company directly and she agreed. It was after that we were informed she had so many other issues and it is possible we could be thrown out w/o notice by the mortgage company if they decide to foreclose.

We are scared to death and can't live with that possibility looming over us. We are looking for another house and fast. We are sure we will have to leave this school district and it breaks my heart for the kids. We are in a neighborhood now and feel it is best to be in a more country setting for the kids to have room to move around. OK, scream w/o worrying about the neighbors thinking we are beating them is more accurate. (LOL) We were in the same house for 7 yrs and now we have moved twice in 2 yrs, this is not fun.

I will post more about the houses that we have come across later.


skirbo said...

If you guys like where you are, don't rule out the possibility of trying to work with the mortgage company to assume her mortgage, take on a new one through them, or obtain alternative financing. Especially if she can be found and is willing to do a deed in lieu of foreclosure. In this market you have a good chance of working something out.


Mongoose said...

Wow, how stressful. I hope something works out soon and you can keep the kids in the same schools.

Lorie said...

Ahhh boy.....:-( Hope you either get to stay or find an awesome amazing NEW PLACE.

Sending love!

Yondalla said...

Oh, I hope you work it out. It does seem like it should be possible to buy it from the mortgage company if they foreclose. really...

If not, I hope you find another class you might like.