Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Sky is Falling

We were at OT all afternoon and my DH called to say it was snowing where he was. We got updates his entire ride home and eventually saw it coming down where we were. The kids were thrilled to say the least. I posted pictures of them before dinner playing in it. Here in the South we must enjoy it quickly b/c it will probably not stick and will be gone before you get up. It was. Kids had to goto school b/c it never got below freezing. They were not happy.

You can see the grass showing through the tiny bit of snow but hey Patches got all the kids on a borrowed snowboard and down the yard they went.

We had several kids try to make snow angels. It was too funny.

Cyr, Shayanne, Michael, Ruthie, Emma, Ella, and Ava. Patches was on the phone with her "boyfriend" talking about nothing but he snow instead of enjoying it. Ruthie had to hide her pants b/c she peed and was afraid I would make her go in.


Abby goes to Denmark! said...

Feel free to take all the snow you want from up here in MA! We got a foot earlier in the week and going to get a bit more tonight/tomorrow. :P

(PS- Thanks for always labeling the kids in the pictures. I cannot tell the littlest girls apart ever!)

Lorie said...

Cute Cute Cute Cute, I love to see them happy and playing like that.

Mongoose said...

Y'all should come visit me back home some time. :) Last November we got 117 cm (46") of snow, most of it in just five days. That was the only time school was cancelled for weather since I've lived there. LOL (However, they don't have school Nov. 1, because the teachers don't want the kids the day after Hallowe'en.)