Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I am so proud of Patches, she has finally said she is mad at her parents. We all knew she was mad and she has screamed numerous times about her parents but she has never said they were wrong about anything. This whole theft thing has thrown her for a loop. Have I mentioned I love her AT? She is aggressive and pushes this child to places she is terrified to go. I am very proud of the hard work she has been doing in AT and at home.

Cyr's grades have dropped dramatically. I think she hid the report cards and their envelopes b/c I can't find them anywhere.

Emma, Ava, Michael, and Cyr have been bullyed on the bus by some bratty kid. I spoke to the bus driver and he is scared of the Dad so he doesn't report her. Not good.

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DebiP said...

scared of the dad so she does not report him...for the love of GOD...I hope that you are calling the bus company and reporting the bus driver the driver for failing to report a bull...things never seem to go the way they should...