Friday, January 11, 2008

Emma and Her New Look

Emma has been complaining about having a difficult time seeing the board at school. I have blown her off for the last YEAR b/c she is so dramatic and is desperate for glasses like her sisters. On Wednesday I was in there getting Patches and Cyr's new glasses ordered and Emma wouldn't hush so I asked the lady if there was a way to determine if it was wishful or hopeful. She did a preliminary test and then agreed with Em so we scheduled an appointment for her this morning with the doctor. She did very well and does, in fact, need glasses. She was so excited she bounced around the store for an hour trying on EVERY pair in stock before choosing these. They have a Hannah Montana sticker on one eye and another on the arm of the other side but you get the idea. Patches is getting the same ones but in pink. These girls are so darn cute but I will have to post pictures with their's when the real ones come in.

Afterward we headed for some lunch where she freaked out about the sun and told everyone that she was getting glasses. (Like they couldn't tell from her dark temp glasses to protect her eyes and the large sticker on her shirt)

Cyr has been buddying up to Frankee and even Frankee has noticed it is weird. This morning Cyr got up 2 hours early and refused to feed the dog. She always feeds him and it is her chore so I was surprised she just didn't do it. When I asked her about it I told her it was mean and how would she like it if I just decided not to feed her until dinner? She doesn't have empathy for others so I frequently try to help her see the other side. She also doesn't have any significant emotions so she barely responded. Most kids would argue their point or become irritated in some way about it but she is just quiet and stares at you. Evidently, I did get her upset on some level b/c I caught her leaning over my coffee and spitting into it. Nice, huh? I won't leave that unattended again. I should have thanked her for reminding me not to trust her.

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