Saturday, January 26, 2008

Too Much on My Plate Today

My van is taking a crap on me. Well, just the transmission. If any of you that were not angered into sending me hate email privately after the last post have a love for fixing transmissions for free please come on over and have at it. I am very discouraged b/c it is not something I can afford right now or in the near future and it means the kids will miss their therapies indefinitely until we lose our providers. That is, of course, unless we are granted a miracle windfall of a couple of thousand dollars in the lottery I always forget to play. Oh as long as I am wishing for things, how about tires b/c the back ones are slick enough to question if there ever was tread.

On a therapy note, Cyr refused to participate in AT. She was stone faced the entire time the therapist talked about the horrible things she has done to her siblings until recently. We were very direct but made sure she didn't feel like a bad person b/c of it. After 30 minutes of nothing from her, we left and she acted like nothing happened. I am really worried about her. Her consequence for not participating is we get to discuss it alone at my convenience and since I can't "schedule" it she will have to forgo all her plans this weekend to be ready when I can sit down with her.

I am so tired today I am sure I will doze w/o meaning to (kids can't be trusted so it is out of the question). Shyanne does not sleep past about 5:30AM and DH was up coughing all night. With my sleep issues coming up again for the last week I feel dead on my feet.


Angela :-) said...

I'll say a prayer for you.

Angela :-)

Mongoose said...

Well the transmission is probably out of my price range but I can buy you new tires on my next paycheque. Tires are important. Do you take PayPal?

skirbo said...

Wow, Mongoose, what a loving and generous gesture.

Tudu, I'm trying to get in touch with my brother - he's working a plumbing side job today. As you know we are originally from the Atlanta area and he still knows lots of people there.

If he can give me the name of someone for your transmission, I'll pm it to you on the forums. And I'll not be sending you any hate email, because I happen to agree with you.

Hang in there lady!

Lorie said...

Here's some "hate" mail. I hate when your transmission breaks. I am so sorry :-( All I can send right now is cyber hugs and love....boy wow... :-( This is when I wish I had already struck it rich, I would have sent you the money in a heart beat. That being said HMG's family is in GA....I'll ask him if he knows anyone...maybe it can help. :-)