Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank goodness that is over, the kids are all back in school today and I can clean up the house. They were all very well behaved but the constant presence confirmed I can not home school them. It is something we have tossed around due to the school's disbelief in RAD.

Frankee started her new job and was irritated it took her 30 minutes to get 10 miles. SHe has to pass the biggest mall in our state and it happens at traffic time, DUH. I begged her to look closer and this side of the mall but she insisted no one was hiring. I found several places within a mile that were hiring but I guess she didn't like them.

The lady that owns our house has disappeared again and before we could get her to sign the paperwork. I am so disappointed and angry. We are going to worry for the next few months and if she doesn't show up we have decided to walk away and cut our losses.


Gatogirl said...

I really enjoy reading your blog and check it out whenever I get the chance. It seems to me that you're doing a great job with the kids. Congratulations on the adoption.

debiP said...

I think that you have been very blessed and the fact that you over come something pretty powerful nearly every day is amazing to me...your life is so different then my life and I am in awe...thanks for writing..

Mongoose said...

Poop-snot, as Becky would say. :(

And yeah, people make their choices, then they grouse about the outcome, then they make the same choices again...

Here's a video to calm your nerves. :)