Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sick Kids, Lying Adults, and a Quick Finger

Ava and Shyanne are home from school with a fever, nasty cough, and sniffles. Their little faces are so red.

Frankee's sister called me last night to tell me that she was filing for Legal Custody not Legal Guardianship. I had asked a few days before what the difference was and the way she explained I thought she was just calling it something else to make herself sound more knowledgeable. (she does that a lot) Turns out what it REALLY means is she is terminating Frankee's parental rights but not adopting Shyanne. She is going to trick her into this b/c she doesn't want her moved again. Not very nice and I spilled the beans. She also doesn't want her to visit her child in the future and this would assure that. I agree that she is not responsible to take the child out but to refuse contact is not in the child's best interest. I am very disappointed in her sister and do not think I can move forward with this. I am not sure how much I can fight this or if I have a leg to stand on but I feel very strongly that this child needs her Mother in her life even if it has to be supervised. I am hoping they are able to work things out and do guardianship so I won't have to step up. Frankee is very depressed again and it is entirely possible she will just sign the paperwork.

On a stupid note, I still check the child listings occasionally and even keep a list of kids I might be interested in to see when they find a family. Most of you know the big listing of waiting children in foster care around the country that I am talking about. I accidently sent off an inquiry on the big group of 6 that are new on there. I could kick myself, that poor SW is probably thinking, "WOW that was fast. Someone interested in such a large group is hard to find, we are so lucky." Tthen I have to tell her when she responds that I clicked the wrong button. We can't even consider another group for at least 6 months post adoption and I am not sure if we will be ready yet or not. The kids are doing so good right now but with Cyr's recently discovered issues I just think waiting is good. I am in love with this group on the listing though they are all under 10 and are Hispanic. Of course they have some issues and one they think may be autistic. I love a challenge and since we don't have one with that yet I would get to do more research. Not ready though, well, not today at least, maybe tomorrow. LOL


debip said...

Tudu...a Freudian slip of the finger??? You amaze me.,..

Innocent Observer said...

That isn't where you found your kids, right?

I have never had any luck with that site. When I get in touch with the case worker they always have way more studies than they can handle. In fact, I've pretty much stopped going there all together.

Angela :-) said...

They've been listed on another site for awhile. I've been talking to my husband about them (notice I said "to", not "with" LOL). I used to think that families for large sib groups were hard to find, but I'm not so sure anymore. I think it depends on their ages. There was one listed w/in the last year---seven kids ages 1-7 that didn't stay listed long.

Angela :-)

Lorie said...

What I love about the difference between the two of us is, I blog for nine months about possibly, mostly sort of adopting another child, and you accidentally sign up for six more, making your total 13 and mine two :-)....well, those will be six of the most well adjusted happiest kids in ten your other seven will soon tell them.

Tudu said...

Our kids didn't come from that site, though our agency had sent us many photo listings from there in the beginning of our search. We are so not ready for that big of a group but we could be by summer. What am I thinking? Never mind, we are not ready.

Lorie, I can't wait for your next little one to get here even though you are determined to stop there.