Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Family

For those of you that have taken the time to read my entire blog or followed me since the beginning you know I do not have contact with my paternal side of the family. I tried once years ago to reach out to my father before I knew about his history with my mother. I met a few aunts and uncles and quite a few cousins that looked so much like me it was scary. For no reason at all yesterday I decided to Google his name and up popped 2 sites of women looking for family members. I emailed both of them. One is my cousin and the other is my niece. I am in a bit of shock and barely slept waiting for a response. To my surprise, I woke this morning to one from each.

My niece already spoke to her father and he agreed to give me his email address. I sent him an email and my fingers are crossed I don't sound like an idiot. Thank goodness for spell check or I am sure he would run thinking this girl can't even spell her own name.

It got me thinking, I knew I had at least 3 brothers. I always assumed they were my age, this one isn't. His daughter is 10 years younger than I am, fantastically beautiful I might add. These people may be blood related but are total strangers. This is the very reason I insist on having relationships with my children's families. This is so unfair. I will never have the relationship we could have had. We live across the country and across the world from each other. I must admit it is exciting though, wondering what they are like. Knowing they are there is different than seeing a picture. They never knew about me, never even had a thought. I am a total surprise. Think of all they have missed, LOL. I am sure we will never be what we should have been but I am hopeful I will get to know them a little bit. They seem very nice but who knows perhaps they are serial killers and they only prey on family members. I guess they will have hit the mother load here, I have plenty of future victims. Do you think I can choose who goes first? I mean I love all my kids but a couple are really bugging me lately. Y'all know I am just kidding, I would not give them my children first, DH would be the first I volunteer, that man had the nerve to ask for breakfast in bed. (He got it but I didn't butter the bottom pancake, shh!)


Mongoose said...

How exciting! I hope they're as fantastic as you. :)

Torina said...

VERY exciting! I just connected the adoptive mom of my daughter. I don't know if it makes any difference to her now but I hope she will appreciate it when she is a little older that there are people out there who look and act (seriously, I couldn't believe it either) JUST like her. Good luck!

Torina said...

I meant I connected with my daughter's birthsister's adoptive mom. One of her sisters, though 8 years older, could be her twin. Neat.

Christine said...

That is really cool. We keep in touch with one of my daughters previous families. Actually I do because she has bio brothers that are still in the other family. We also got a letter and picture from one of my daughter's 1/2 sister in Russia. That was really cool.

I think your family is lovely.

Lisa said...

That is too cool! More people like Tudu is just what the world needs!
I missed you last week. Have any idea when we'll have a hot date???

Support said...

How cool for you! I really hope it all works out!


Maia said...

That's so cool! More Tudu relatives!