Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Visit

I knew they were uneducated but the extent of their issues surprised me. The man is not dying, in fact upon our arrival I overheard the doctor calling their Nanny to arrange his discharge. They told me he had a stroke and the doctor said it was pneumonia. DFCS had become involved on Monday telling them he could no longer live alone and she mentioned, "What if he had a stroke?" They misunderstood and thought he had a stroke. The doctor told me he had explained to them what was happening but somehow they didn't understand b/c they were truly shocked when they were told he was not dying. He even thought he was dying. They discharged him as we were leaving and since they have no room for him, he will live out his days on a sofa in their living room. He is unable to walk more than a couple of feet and they had no idea how to get him in the house.

As we were waiting for Nanny and Papa to return to the hospital and see the kids we ran into one of their old foster mom's MIL. Patches hollered to her and she didn't even recognize her. She couldn't believe how much she had grown and how beautiful she is. SHe quickly called Shirley, their old FM so she could rush up there. I adore her and the relationship we have developed over the last 2 years. We talk about once a month and see her a few time a year. SHe really wanted to adopt but couldn't keep all 6, she had had them all in different shifts and even at the same time for awhile. The really enjoyed seeing her and her girls.

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kiki said...

You are a fantastic Mom. They need to know that not all of thier family is bad. SOme of them do love them very much. I love your blog and I love you!