Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Another Birthday

I have too much to do today, it is my DH's 41st birthday. I am a bit annoyed with his idea that if he is suffering I must know about it even if I am sound asleep. He had trouble sleeping last night and woke me at least 15 times to tell me about it. The first few I acted like I cared but it became more and more difficult when he began to blame me. He woke me one time to ask me if I knew I was snoring. WTF? Of course not, I WAS SLEEPING! He eventually went downstairs to sleep on the sofa, that didn't work so he returned to wake me and give me a step by step playback of his time away from me. He became angry when I could no longer contain my patience and hollered, "Happy Birthday to me!" I laughed and he wasn't amused one bit.

Kids all made it to school today but I imagine a couple already have plans to try and come home. I have an IEP for Ella and they want to see me again about Michael's retention. The principal called yesterday to tell me Ruthie didn't pass her CRCT, hello people she is working on a Kindergarten level in 3rd grade, of course she will not pass the CRCT. They want her to attend summer school, I'm on the fence. It won't hurt but do I want to be tied down for a month. If they could all attend then I would be for it but only one that will never catch up or be on grade level, I don't know.

My Dh just called to talk about not sleeping again. He is such a pain in the ass sometimes. LOL I asked him what he wants for his birthday dinner and he said, "Something like steak over steak with mushrooms and onions." Not. I offered for him to think about it hard and call me back with a reasonable suggestion. Again he acts like a child and whines. LOL Good thing I love him and have a a knack for forgiveness or he would be having macaroni and cheese for his dinner.


Mongoose said...

LOL Sounds like my ex... One time he woke me up to tell me he was getting up because he couldn't sleep and didn't want it to keep ME up. Hmmmmm... You do that, luv. Next time just don't tell me!

Funny how some people's minds work, eh?

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

Maybe summer school would help keep her from slipping behind on the new stuff she's learned??