Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What a Mess

It all started with a big bang and it has managed to drag itself out since. On Friday afternoon Patches and I heard a huge bang outside during a pretty bad storm, the cable went out with it. Without cable we do not have internet or phone service, this is not good with 7 children that are unable to play outside due to the weather. I believe that was the beginning of the end with my son, he has been unable to control his arms and legs to the point I was injured pretty badly on Saturday. We survived that but have seen him escalate many times over nothing and he freaks poor Ruthie out every time. I must admit he is starting to really piss me off. Sorry to sound harsh but it is true, 2,000 raging tantrums later, I am a tad irritated I am being targeted when he is frustrated with someone, anyone else. Why do I have to be kicked and have my hair pulled when he agreed to an Anger Plan. He is the one that agreed to try running a few laps instead of assaulting me, he thought it would help him regain control and then he refuses to try it. I know it is the end of school and he is upset with being retained but this is his own doing, try doing SOME homework once in a while.

Patches is a little better. Cyr is working hard and will be promoted to 6th grade next year. Emma is fine. Ella and Ava had their graduation ceremonies today and yesterday. Ruthie failed her CRCT and will be attending summer school, only Ruthie would be excited to do this. She is a hoot, ready to learn every chance she gets. Her MID teacher feels she will eventually catch up and be on target.

I have 6 places to be at the same time on Friday and some kids are going to be upset b/c that is not possible.

We have been playing kickball in our field, a few kids are really passionate about it. Three are wimps, they cry every time they get an out or miss a ball. I have turned out to be one of those mothers that scream to their kids what to do to the point I am hoarse. The kids weren't used to me screaming like that and were scared at first b/c they thought they were in trouble, once I explained why I was acting a fool and apologized they have gotten into it. We are too funny out there. The neighbor boys have joined us and the youngest is worse than my sweet little wimps combined. The older one told me he understood why I wasn't counting the runs and only the outs, we are that bad, folks. Maybe I will try to video us and post it so you all can laugh at us, too.

We are busy planning a huge party to celebrate all their birthdays at once. We figure it is so much cheaper to do it this way and every one gets to invite their entire class.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh, it's scary to think your logic is starting to make sense to me. Having one Big Birthday Blowout is better than a lot of different parties: stress everyone out at once, rather than spreading the cheer throughout the year. Brilliant move Mom !! -- Rachel

My name is Andy. said...

7 kids and 7 classe!! WOW... I bow to you! I can't handle 5 kids at a birthday party!

Anonymous said...

That is some feat to accomplish Tudu...that is awhole lotta kids...good for you for taking it on.

Lisa said...

I finally posted so you can read in great dramatic detail all the events of the past few days. Hoping your situation is improving since we talked.

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

Are you nuts??? lol. I hope they have really small classes at that school or else you'll have the entire town at your house!

Maybe have the party be your own version of a field day-esque thing??? God bless you! =)