Friday, May 02, 2008

Why didn't I think of that?

My son refused to get on the bus yesterday and had to be carried in the house kicking and screaming. I put him in in room checked my wounds. I knew he was going to be there a long while since he locked his door. He is safe in there and tends to just scream lately instead of breaking the few things he has left in there. As you all know from your own children, it is not possible to force them to do anything or get a grip in a timely fashion. He spent the afternoon cleaning everything I could find.

This morning I sent a note to the teacher that he was not excused and a brief description that he refused to get on the bus or attend school. She left me a VM saying next time just bring him on to school and they would deal with it. I actually laughed out loud. I tried to reach her but decided to inform the Principal of the incident. I praised the teacher to him and explained that while bringing him to school was a great idea for most parents, I couldn't physically gotten him in the van to do so. The night before I had to call the police to get the little booger in the van so I could leave Kroger. He apologized and said they just don't see that. I had warned them, given them articles to read, and asked them to meet with our AT. They just don't get it. He reluctantly agreed it would be dangerous to ride with him trying to escape the van but he is still skeptical of how serious this is.

I am going to film the next episode of violence against us and for proof. I already offered a copy of the police report and he declined. I know they think I am crazy. What really bothers me is that that is what bothers me.

He also wants us to consider holding him back again. That makes twice in K and twice in 1st. I am fine with it b/c he has done this to himself by refusing to do homework but a big part is not his fault he just can't read yet.

Ella will probably be held back as well. I refuse to homeschool these to b/c it will be a power struggle every minute of every day. I need the break I get from school, it makes me a better Mom to them. AAAHHHH!!!!


Jill said...

Sorry,I know what its like when a Teacher,Principal or even your extended family and friends "don't see it".Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered videotaping the behaviors that you describe to the school? They might be more supportive if you could find a way for them to see it for themselves.

Dianna said...

Oh my lord! Its so odd that the school would be so blase about everything....I mean I know that some parents can over-exaggerate but when you are showing them proof and they are still in denial...that is really sad! I'm sorry!