Saturday, May 03, 2008

My MIL saved the day

Cyr quietly watched High School Musical over and over today. Since they have misplaced the remote for their DVD player she laid on the floor with it so she could rewind it without getting up.

My MIL called early this morning and asked to meet us at the AT's office so she can visit with the kids. It was a great idea and helped out so much. Normally they sit there for up to 3 hours and entertain themselves. They do well most days but with their unpredictable emotions I was very concerned about how it was going to work until she called. Yeah for MILs!

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Angela :-) said...

That's awesome.

Cyr looks a bit like me in that photo. :-) Probably the pony tail (which I no longer have) and the glasses.

(Oh, thanks for the response to my question on your last post. Isn't it amazing how kids know when they should be in trouble?)

Angela :-)