Friday, May 09, 2008

Busy Month

The first picture is on Emma serving the volleyball, she was really into it. Ava is wearing the float, visor, and sunglasses in a race. Ella had to drag this poor boy in a race. Michael loved the parachute games. Most of them slept very well. Michael had a hard time getting to sleep and got up for the first time in months. He gave 3 different reasons but all were lies, I think he just took his Melatonin too late and it took a bit to kick in.

I have a lot going on this month. The 10th is my birthday, 11th is Mother's Day, 21st is DH's birthday, 26th is our 13th wedding anniversary, and the 29th is the 6th anniversary of Emma's adoption. The kids are like most traumatized children and don't do well around those days so we tend to minimize them. I tell them I am turning 47 which is ten years older than I am. Crazy, huh? They think it is hilarious that I am older than Dad and they they tell others and people compliment me on how great I look for my age. I know it's silly but only Cyr really knows, I try to tell them they are the wrong age, too.

So for my birthday, Mother's Day, and anniversary I got my teeth whitened. What else does a fantastic 47 year old need? I had stopped by the mall, something I rarely do, and saw a little kiosk set up to do this. I stopped and looked and it was only $185 for 4-5 shades. I had priced this at the dentist and it was over $500. This is the same ting, you do not have to be a dentist to do this and she said they are of course licensed something or other, not a technician but educated in teeth let's say. She was great except she failed to explain how badly it would hurt. First tray was just tingly and a sharp pain on on one tooth lasted maybe a few seconds several times. The second tray almost had me tear up. The bubbly sensation was painful on my gums, I managed to hang in there and finish. I lost 5 shades of color on my teeth. I have the tray and 4 more rounds I can do at home to freshen up or do to continue to lighten a shade or two. My kids even noticed and said I had "sparkly teeth". She warned me not to eat tomato or dark sauces for the next 48 hours or my teeth would stain. I am having a hard time with coffee this morning.

While at the mall getting my teeth "sparkly" I got some fantastic bargains on summer clothes for the girls. My son hasn't grown again this year so he can wear the same clothes. I found sandals for everyone at Sears for less than $16 each. The Children's Place had cotton shorts and tie dyed Tshirts or tanks on sale for 3 for $15. Old Navy had tons of cotton dresses for $7.99, Tshirts for $2.99, and shorts for $2.00-$4.49. Ava loves the new stuff and is going to try to take care of herself for on week so she can wear one of the new dresses. This year we had a switch in the kids sharing clothes. Cyr and Patches can basically share a size 14, Ella is in a size 5 sometimes a 6, Michael is stuck in a size 5T, but Ava and Emma are in a full size 6 and can share with Ruthie who remains in a 6/7. What is it with kids that don't gain weight even on meds that are supposed to make them gain weight?

I asked the kids to write me a letter telling me what they appreciate about me for Mother's Day. They wanted to do something and frankly I have too many drawing to keep forever. I thought they could work together and do a letter. Lisa has her Grateful List and it gave me inspiration.

I received the funniest thing in the mail yesterday. My sister, Kiki, sent me a card with coupons in it. Yes, crazy I know, it is just like her. I laughed out loud and can't wait to use them. She sent me some great ones for Ben & Jerry's and Dove candy. My kind of coupons! Cyr snickered and said, "I don't want to grow up, I got a gift card for my birthday and you got coupons!" To her they were sad, I was tickled to death. What a difference a few years can make.

I have just given Kiki access to this blog, I am not sure why I keep this to myself IRL but I have only shared it with two people in my family BB and Kiki. My DH doesn't even read this, not that he can't, he just doesn't really care to.


Mongoose said...

It's an odd thing with blogs and family. My blog is heavily censored because otherwise my family has temper tantrums over the things I write. I think maybe it's because people, especially family, come to think they know us, and have a sense of entitlement as to how we should think, and they don't like seeing in black and white that it's really not how it goes.

Happy 47th birthday in advance - you look great! :)

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

Happy birthday! =)

and Mother's Day, of course.

Alyssa's Mom said...

My two favorite places for kid's clothes are Children's Place and Old Navy! You just can't beat the prices or the quality!


Dianna said...

I really enjoyed this blog! I found myself laughing and smiling! Happy Birthday and Mother's Day!