Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Your kids are too much for me"

This is what the latest new pediatric psychiatrist said to me among other things like,

"I'm thinking of retiring so I won't be around for the many years they will need a doctor." (but he is still accepting new patients)

"When you return, please leave the little kid at home. She is very distracting." (Kiera was playing very quietly in the floor. I should have known it was an issue when he refused to see us in his office and made us sit on tiny chairs in a playroom.")

"I don't think I can be available for all the after hours you will need." (I was clear, we don't need him other than regular hours so I am not sure what he was talking about)

"I can't believe you still keep them at home with you. You should really consider a hospital setting and visit them. Some kids are so traumatized they never adjust in a family setting." (This was after he read the psychological evaluations of Michael and Patches.)

"Your kids are just too much for me. They need someone willing to stay involved long term. I can't manage this many severely ill children in one family." (I don't see why it was important they were all in one family since he told me he only see them 2 at a time and he doesn't have to live them. I do appreciate he let me know he couldn't do it and was honest about his hesitations.)

Our AT gave me the # to his child's doctor. I about jumped through the phone and hugged him. We are set to see him at the end of the month. His office is close to the area we are moving to and the staff was polite on the phone. Now if we don't scare him off, we will be set.


Mom 4 Kids said...

A similar thing happened to a dear friend of mine. The Pdoc said that she was not willing to be involved with her daughter and walked her to the front counter and gave her her co-pay back and said, "best of luck!"

How very fortunate your children are to have a mother who is not giving up on them!

Lindsay said...

At least this doc was honest about his inability to work with and for your kids. Hope you have better luck with the next one.

Abby said...

I'm with you about appreciating that he was honest at least! Hope this new doctor works out well!! =)

How far away is your new place going to be from your current?

JulieB said...

We had a p-doc tell us the same thing about our ONE child - that she was "out of his league" - at least they know their limitations. But it is disconcerting at best -- guess we truly are major leaguers!