Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Gonna Snow!

Or at least that is what the weather folks are screaming. I have to grocery shop in the morning and I'm sure they will be out of milk and bread because every family has rushed there tonight in anticipation of being snowed in. I already have those items so I'm just grabbing stuff for our big Valentine's Day celebration with my sister, Kiki.

All of our family, Kiera's mother, boyfriend, sister, Gorges (my mom), and Kiki's 3 kids and husband will be hanging out up there for the day for a couple of reasons. We have agreed to supervise all of Kiera's Mom's visits with her daughters and Kiki and I promised to get together about every 6 weeks this year because so much time seems to slip by before we know it. We are all looking forward to it. Poor Kiki has the tiniest, cutest house ever and we will be quite overwhelming in it.

I'm cooking a couple of my favorites from Pioneer Woman. We will be bringing Spare Ribs, Mac and Chez, and Baked Beans. Kiki is doing the paper stuff and a veggie. Gorges is the best baker and we will be enjoying some of her cookies. Trust me, they are heavenly.

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