Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Really Bad Day

The morning started off great. Kids ate and we were all in a great mood. We had discussed watching a movie together on the living room floor and I had asked them to pick up their room and grab pillows and blankets. My bad, I should have known it would throw someone over the edge. Ava and Ruthie went to pick something up at the same time and Ruthie felt like Ava was "snatching" it from her. Now we all know that is the cue that a child has permission to beat the crap out of another one, right? Yeah, neither did I but she did. She slammed Ava's head into the corner of the TV. Nice, huh? I went upstairs and asked her to come down to time out. She refused. I couldn't leave her up there so I gave her 1 minute and then offered to help her down stairs. I put my arms under her pits and lifted. She kicked and went crazy once we were in the hall. I let go and asked her nicely to compose herself and follow me. Not a chance. She went nuts, started hitting me and grabbed a handful of my left breast. I tried to turn her but she threw herself on the floor kind of in a ball and began kicking and hitting me. I managed to flip her over to protect myself but the hall was too narrow to get into a proper position. The entire time she was screaming she was going to kill me, the kids, or herself. I had to hold her and I knew it wouldn't be easy. I got on my knees and sat over her careful not to put all my weight on her. That's when she moved her right knee onto my foot and dug it in. I heard it crunch and within seconds I felt sick to my stomach from pain. I held on as long as I could but I had to get her to come back to reality quickly because I couldn't hold on for long.

I sent one kid for ice, another held her feet and I managed to reach her enough that she stopped trying to kill me. The top of my foot was lack and when I tried to put weight on it I cried. I called my DH and asked him to come when he could. Unfortunately in the meantime, Patches lost her grip and began her own version of slow torture on me. She can't handle it when I get hurt. She feels unsafe and attacks me, usually physically, but this time just verbally. I was in so much pain and needed to rest but she couldn't allow that. She kept threatening to kill herself and put plastic bags over her head to suffocate.

I only got her in the van with the promise that she could stay at the hospital, if she wanted. By the time we got there, she had calmed. The presence of another physically able adult helped her feel safer. We waited a couple hours and I had xrays. I left with little more info about my foot other than the pain caused my blood pressure to go through the roof, so I must be in a lot of pain and pain pills. The xrays did not show a break but they countered that with, "a small fracture wouldn't show up on our machine so go to the orthopedist in a couple days, if it still hurts". After all was said and done the nurse wrapped it up, told me to use crutches for a week, and quietly told me she thought it probably was fractured considering the pain I was in.

I still can't step on it and I want to cry because I am so tired. It's hard to sleep with throbbing pain and nightmares of horrific foot injuries. Thank goodness, all the kids are back in school and I can rest up a bit with the baby.

Oh and Ava woke up this morning with a weird swollen thing going on just on one side of her face. She'll have to go to the doctor after school today. Poor thing was mortified about kids seeing her like that. I'm sure she will be fine. I gave her an antihistamine, just in case.


Momma Chaos said...

OUCH!! I hope your foot is feeling better soon.. Mine hurts just reading about it :(

J. said...

oh my what a day. I hope that the rest does what you need. Take care of yourself as best you can - given the situation!

Kelly said...

Oh my. How do you do this? I was telling a friend of mine about you this morning. We were discussing my concerns about Nate as he gets older. He had a fit this morning and hit me and kicked me. He is only 40 lbs so I am not too scared of him right now but knowing he will get bigger does scare me just a bit. I really admire you, but I don't know how you live like this. Wow. (shaking my head in awe).

Hope your foot heals quickly. Get some rest if you can.

Ashley said...

Oh, Tudu! I fractured my foot in December, I know how painful it can be... Thinking of you