Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lessons and New Tricks

Kiera recently learned to blow bubbles in her drinks and has now moved onto gargling them. SHe is barely slowed down when she inhales the liquid and is forced to cough it back out. All cups must be guarded to protect them from the child. She doesn't care what is in them and yells for all to watch her.

Today she informed me, "My little turds smell."

When laying with her Dad for a nap, she showed him her feet announcing, "My bebe toes!" Then asked, "You got bebe toes?" He promised her his toes were not baby toes but Daddy toes. She insisted on calling Gorges this morning to find out if she had bebe toes.

She loves Cornnuts. Well, not to eat them but to suck the salt off them and spit them into my coffee. Guess how I discovered this?

Emma is lying about doing her chore lately. I bet she learned her lesson last night when I gave her several chores.

Michael actually sat down with me and learned how to borrow when subtracting. He got a kick out if when I told him the number had to go to their neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar and bring it back. This was the first good experience with homework. E.V.E.R.

My son has been hiding his healthy snacks in the yard and on our carport.

Ella has discovered she can get away with something if she makes me laugh.

Ava has discovered that hounding me about something just makes me procrastinate.

Ruthie now understands what I meant when I told her that cutting your nails too short will hurt.


J. said...

Oh my cornuts in your coffe - that is to funny!

Jennie said...

LOL to Ava. Wonder Girl is always pestering, pestering, pestering for me to do something and I always tell her, "the more you ask, the LESS I want to do it for you!!!" which she doesn't like very much. Indeed, all of that nagging puts a hitch in my giddyup!

Kate said...

These kids sound way too cute.

Robyn said...

congrats to you and your son on the homework triumph, too funny that hes hiding snacks, sounds like someone needs to eat NOTHING BUT healthy snacks until he can learn to appreciate them hahaha

and oooh kiara that little monkey, well at least your coffee wasnt salty, just a little... corn-nutty <3

so nice to hear things are going well with your family and not too much drama from others leaving. it sounds almost QUIET there lately lol