Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More Psychiatry Woes

We had decided to go ahead and start the search for another psychiatrist in the part of town we will eventually move to. Our history with psychiatrists is troubled. For some reason, it is hard for people to envision my son psychotic. Patches they get because she refuses to interact and forces herself to fall asleep in the visit. They see her antisocial behavior and can make the leap to her lovely episodes. Michael is sweet and talks like a baby, he is adorable, and acts like he has no idea what the doctor is talking about when they ask him questions.

I took both of them to a new doctor today and this woman proved to be very detail oriented and I liked that. SHe began to with Patches and asked toms of questions about both her, our family, her previous meds, her dx and so on. She made a couple of faces about the dx and meds. SHe began to tell me she felt she was on too much meds and she refused to write a script for the meds she currently uses to calm down. SHe required proof. SHe wants me to bring in the bottles and a list from the pharmacy proving she uses these drugs. SHe wants a summary from the hospitalizations to prove they were necessary. SHe wants to know who dx'd her and to speak to them. I agree I will do all that.

We start with Michael. SHe refused to accept he is violent and had to be hospitalized for being homocidal. REFUSED. She refused to write any scripts for him at all. SHe wants me to run around and get all that stuff for her before she will do it. SHe wants to assign us a case manager to follow our family because if they were indeed this bad, we would have required further services by now.

If anything, I downplayed their symptoms because things have been great lately. I exsplained that most of the issues have minimized but in the last 6 months we have seen this, this , and this. Needless to say, we are looking for another one immediately. Our therapist is trying to find one that works in that area that he is familar with. I am so pissed I wasted an entire day on crap. I asked the therapist if it was me, maybe the way I present things. He is just as shocked as I am and promises to help relay the information with me to the next one.


Jennie said...

UGH to the Psych!!!!

got your text. WOOHOO!!!!

SanitySrchr said...

I'm on the torturous quest of finding a new psychiatrist myself. Can't relate exactly, but can relate to how much of a pain in the ... it is to find one.

Lisa said...

I feel your pain!! It is so discouraging to waste time and energy on professionals who don't get it. I really do not get why they assume we're exaggerating or lying about our kids issues. Is it so impossible to believe that this sweet little face can spew anger and profanity and threats? Perhaps it is, but if so, they shouldn't be dealing with children at all. If they can be fooled so easily, they need a different line of work. Also, why in the world is she requiring you to provide proof of anything? Your current dr.s dx's should be enough.

Jeri said...

Sorry for the frustration with the doctor. Good idea to have the therapist send info ahead of time to the next one. This would give an objective (because we know mamas can never be objective...very sarcastic eyeroll) professional's point of view. Although, after nine years of dealing with this stuff, I ought to have at least a PhD behind my name. Hang in there.

MamaKate said...

How irresponsible of her! To refuse to write the scripts is the same as yanking your kids off these drugs cold turkey. Never ever a good idea.

marythemom said...

You have my total sympathy. Not the same thing, but we are in the process of looking for yet another therapist (6th in 3 years) for my 16 year old. We can't find anyone experienced with all of his complex issues. *sigh* Good luck on your quest!


Kikilia said...

Can you video the kids in the middle of their rages to take to first meetings with new docs?

Just tell them- watch this-- then go from there?