Monday, February 08, 2010

This and That

She still refuses to tell the whole truth so I called the boyfriend's Dad and asked him to keep his son's phone at night. He went off on him in Spanish after hearing they have been up until all hours chatting away. I probably wouldn't have called him if she had been honest. No need to involve others when you can trust your child to take responsibilities for their actions and their promises to do right the next time, right? She was cheerful this morning and didn't say anything when I suggested she must have had a good nights sleep.

We are getting concerned with Patches. She is still doing better than ever before but little cracks are beginning to show. She smells, bad. She is irritated easily even though it isn't getting violent. She doesn't trust me to be her guide and that says a lot. She was believing me when I explained a situation to her. Now she thinks I am plotting against her, like her teachers have been. Every one is trying to ruin her day or get one over on her. I hate to adjust the meds but it's coming.

Michael is a doll. His teacher even commented on his recent homework efforts. I am so proud of him for it. I did praise him today so we will see if he does it again tonight.

Ruthie slept all weekend. She practically stayed in bed all day both days. Only coming out briefly a few times. No pains or aches to complain about just sleeping and avoiding interaction. Not a good sign. Not one she has had before but one we saw with both Patches and Michael when they began to deteriorate quickly. They became withdrawn and moody. Keep your fingers crossed I am just paranoid and she has a virus.

Nothing new with Emma. Still working hard to find ways to get out of work.

We are considering asking to taper Ava off her meds. She is doing so well and I really think it is time to try. She is gaining weight rapidly after being on it for a couple years. She is feeling pretty bad about her weight and wants to try. She makes an effort every day to play hard and be active. All her pants are too tight and very long. Her shirts are snug around the belly and make it worse. We have been putting her in the next size shirt but the arms are so long.

Ella is still whispering to me all the time. It drives me crazy! I would so much rather her call me a stupid, fat, @itch than be so pitiful. The more I try to encourage her the more she whispers. I am just pretending I don't hear her until she uses a real voice. It's not working, she just pouts and whispers that nobody loves her.

Kiera is biting and hitting the crap out of us. Still not sleeping well. Still cute as a button.

We treated the kids with ice cream for dinner last night since they have been so good lately. They were so excited and Kiera was crazy afterward. She jumped off hte sofa, ran circles in the LR, and screamed Patty Cake over and over while dancing for us.

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ania said...

"....ran circles in the LR, and screamed Patty Cake over and over while dancing for us."

I wish my "crazy" looked that cute.

With warmth and support,