Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keeping It Together

Patches is losing her crap over everything. She had a huge meltdown in the van because her brother looked at her mean. She screamed and yelled about how much she hates him. I was driving and couldn't over so I tried get her attention focused on me until he could move away from her. Once she did that she pulled out her hair and hit her head against the window for some time. I always worry she will break the window and get really hurt. She destroyed one of her jackets with a pen and Cyr had to intervene for the first time in months. She finally stopped when we got home and I made her look me in the eyes. I told her this didn't have to ruin her day, she could move past this and to take her time before coming in. She managed to do just that. She had to be closely monitored the rest of the day and had several mini meltdowns but no one was hurt.

Today is another tough morning already. I had to give her additional meds to calm her and separate her from her brother. It is painfully obvious she is back to putting her focus on him and truly is slipping away from us. We have to have her meds adjusted quickly.

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