Friday, February 12, 2010

A Blizzard

We were supposed to get 1-2",per the local news station this morning. It began several hours ago and shows no signs of stopping. We have at least 3-4" in our yard. The kids are thrilled to death and ran out to play in it. I was being a bad mom and chatting on the phone with Jennie when they ran out. I went to take pictures and discovered 2 of my kids didn't have hats on, had Crocs on their feet, and their coats unzipped and were barely on. Good thing I looked when I did or they would have been popsicles before too long.

Kids are out of school until next Thursday. Wish me luck, people.


Kate said...

LOL!!! This made me smile. Is 3-4 considered a blizzard in the South? I'd love to see all your faces in NYC right now
Good luck and have fun in the snow!! :]

Abby said...

haha, I bet your kids are loving the snow! We've hardly had anything up here in MA this winter!!! Only 1 snow day (and 1 delay because of flooding) so far so we're looking to get out way early for summer, which is a far cry from going to school until June 28ish last year! (Contracts said we couldn't go in July, yay.)

Anyway, hope ya'll are having fun with the snow! =) Would love to see pics... on fb maybe?

Hoping to see you on tv too!!!!