Thursday, July 16, 2009

The New School

I seem to have forgotten to mention the walk through I did with Cyr and Patches earlier in the week. We were allowed to walk through their brand spanking new school. We do not know the teachers or their rooms yet. It is really nice and so big that Cyr is terrified she will be lost. Patches had to hold my hand the entire time. When an someone would approach us she would swirl behind me, never letting go of me. When they would come up behind us she just knew they were laughing about her. She became frustrated and very paranoid.

We found the psycho-educational school that we hope Patches will be attending. It is a school inside the school, if that makes sense. I ran into the Director and asked a few questions for Patches about the program. She was very helpful. She knew exactly who we were. She shared that my recent email to the Principal of the regular school had forwarded it to her. She strongly feels Patches will qualify and fit right in. She plans on attending the IEP meeting and advocating for her to be enrolled. Yeah!!

I went to see Michael last night and he was acting like a toddler. I am sure it is his way of coping and it gets him lots of attention from the other kids. He is surrounded by two 16 yr old girls and two boys that are 15 and 17. The think he is the cutest thing ever. He hasn't seen a thing since he has been there. He sat in our laps the entire 2 hour visit. He did say he was ready to come home.

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Ashley said...

It is great that the girls were able to walk through the new school. I have a feeling that Miss Diva Cyr will do just fine once the initial nerves wear off.

I'm sorry things were so rough on Patches and have my fingers crossed that she'll get into the program.

I will keep sending good thoughts for all of you, especially Michael.