Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Crap From the County

Basically, the never reported that Patches had any issues so they won't put her in the psycho-educational program. I went to the new Principal and she encouraged me to go above her to the Head of Special Education. He is a foster parent and understands my passion for her due to all that she has lost. He is still gathering information and trying to build a case for her to attend. I have forwarded our letters and am waiting to sign permission slip to speak to our AT. He laughed that I was like a dog with a bone and he feared I wouldn't stop until I had his job. I was silent for a moment and softly stated that I was glad we were on the same page. I think he is now afraid of me. LOL Whatever gives him the motivation to do what is right by my child is fine with me.

I spoke with both Kiera's Gma and legal Father today. I asked Lee (the father) to sign over his rights so we can adopt her. He was thrilled to do so. I also told him I had spoken to his mother. He has been clean for 2 years and loves his daughter. He has always made it clear he wanted her. His mother refuses to accept he has gotten his life together and has been in college for over a year. He has been in the same place with the same woman for the last 2 years, as well. He has been ready to take on that responsibility all along. He is willing to continue contact between Kiera and Lexi. He seems like a nice guy and deserves a chance to raise her. He does not feel he is Kiera's Father and even if he was, he wants her with the only family she has known. Lexi lived with him the first year of her life and has had visits with her over the last 2 yrs. He loves her.


Nichole said...

Tudu! you are on a roll!!

Anonymous said...

I am just catching up on your blog, but I am praying that you get to adopt your little angel. As for your other angels...boy all I can say (again) is you are an amazing mom.