Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm in Hell

We came 2.5 hours to see Kiera's Mother at a video arcade kind of place. As I tried to explain to her, this was not age appropriate for either child. Her boyfriend seems to have social anxiety and can't handle going into places with people. He sat in the hot car.

I suggested we go look for a McDonald's to let them play. Here we are sitting at Burger King. The 2 girls are screaming and playing. She accidentally scared the devil out of Kiera at one point. It was funny.

I got a speeding ticket today. The first in over a decade. It is going to cost a pretty penny, too. I was driving my MIL's car and had the directions in my hand. They were covering the speedometer and I didn't notice how fast I was on a country highway road. 77 in a 55. Kiera kept yelling at the officer she was hungry. He laughed and said he'd hurry up.

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Nichole said...

Ticket: I got one a few weeks ago and payed a little extra money to get a lawyer to contest it. They got it competely dismissed. I was going around your speed in a 45 on back roads. My insurance won't increase and it won't be on my record.