Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am on a roll, huh?

Maybe I should say Rosa is. She went to VA Beach this weekend to encourage a relationship with her children's Gma. They haven't had one up until this point b/c their Father insisted she was insane. She isn't. She has an anxiety disorder and she has been on meds for many years. She has learned to cope and they had a lovely time getting to know each other.

Things were great until Rosa decided to drive home in the late afternoon so the kids could sleep. Sounds good, right? No, she didn't nap and we are many hours from there so she drove ALL night. That still wouldn't be too bad except her glasses broke and she can't read the signs. She missed her exit in a VERY large city and passed us ending up in FL. She called frantic and turned around. Then she passed the VERY large city and ended up in TN. Angry she turned around and only mentioned her mistake to my DH. Feeling stupid she trotted on and, you guessed it, missed it again ending up an hour from FL. At this point, she is frantic and desperate for sleep. She is completely lost and has no idea which way is home. I managed to find her a local motel room and she is currently napping with the kids watching cartoons. She will take them to the pool in a few hours and then attempt to try it again.

I wish I could say I was surprised. Rosa is known for her lack of direction and getting lost. LOL

I have really good news about the trial. I have stopped posting over at the private blog for now and still haven't added all the people to it that asked. If you have asked you will be invited, when I get 3 minutes to get to it. LOL

Back to my announcement. That's what it is. An Announcement. It deserves to be screamed from the roof tops. Their Mother is committed to a plea bargain. She is pleading guilty to all the charges and they are currently in negotiation about how long she will serve. She told her family that she will take what they give her. She is doing this for them. She is also divorcing her husband. She stood up at one point during the visit and yelled she was done with him and for him to leave her alone. They have visits at the same county jail. They use video monitors and the visitors are all in one room and can see multiple monitors. They can hear what the other inmates are saying b/c of this. She heard him begging for her to forgive him and to keep waiting b/c it will all be dropped. She stood up for herself for the very first time. It was shocking for her family to see. She hasn't gone into details with her family about what she is guilty of but has said that the kids are telling the truth.

I am elated! The kids will still testify. I forwarded the information I received here from you all and we hope that some of the children will be able to testify by video. It is still up in the air. We are fairly sure the trial will be postponed until next trial week, about 3 months. Nothing we can do. It is b/c she is planning to testify. I can wait.

I had a heated discussion with the school about Patches. I am waiting for a return call from the head of Special Education at the county office. I am threatening them at this point and have every intention to attack if they don't come up with a solution. They say they have to wait b/c of what they did at the last IEP. They say this upcoming IEP isn't going to deal with this situation. I have no problem biting of heads and chewing them up for supper, if need be.

Kiera's Mother is still in jail. She threatened to kill herself and has been in isolation. Her probation was paid off and some of the charges dropped. They have paid her bail.

I spoke with the Gma that has the other sister for the first time. She had no idea what was going on. I hate to do this. I do not wish to fight her but I will for the sake of Kiera. Her mother has had over 8 months to change ANYTHING. She has not. SHe will always be welcome to see her here.


Thandi said...

A mom has to do what a mom has to do!Whether it's a bio mom or not.I've realised that sometimes, it's best NOT to reunite, and this is certainly one of those cases.All the best

Michelle said...

Catching up on all your blogging. Glad to read that you've got the "fire" back in your voice...sounds like you will need it to fight for your new daughter, Kiera.