Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween and Some Witchy Attitude

This was Halloween night. We trick or treated at the mall due to rain. The kids were happier than I thought they would be and asked to do it there every year.

They aren't allowed to dress up for Halloween or have a party in our county. They get around it by letting the kids be book characters. They don't care as long as they can dress up. Most of the teachers do a special activity that includes halloweenie crap.

I added a bunch of new pictures of them dressed on my FB. They were so cute.

We had to get the police involved regarding a child's recent texting situation. She had gotten on a chat site called Omegle. DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS ON IT. You are instantly connected to a total stranger. You don't need a user name or anything. Just BAM, a stranger is talking to you. Anyway, these other "teen boys" wanted to text her so she being the idiot teenager we all have been, decided she was invincible and gave him the # to text. If they had been teens, it may have worked out differently. Now we are in the middle of some investigation to find the grown men that have been soliciting my child to send nude photos of her self and the ones that have been sending her pictures of them self. Most were out of state, some were not and that poses a threat in itself.

As you can imagine, having police at out home is very upsetting to our kids. Ruthie sobbed and rocked the entire time. She seemed OK after but at bed time she lost what little hold she had and went nuts. Cyr had to get the little kids out of the way while I tried to convince her to go downstairs. When she refused, for the safety of the others, I had to pick her up under her pits and carry her out. Eventually, she screamed a bunch of crap and walked the rest of the way. Once down there, she escalated to a point that we haven't seen in quite a while. I am used to the name calling and awful words but when she turned and looked at me straight in the face and screamed, "SHUT THE HELL UP!", I almost laughed out loud. I had been talking to Rosa and it caught me off guard. After some time, she continued this behavior and had managed to get herself under the ironing board. She refused to be careful and I was afraid it would fall on her. She threatened to kill herself and send me to jail in her rageful screams. I could tell they were just words when she didn't have any plan or any concept of what killing herself really meant. Once she began hitting and kicking me over and over, I was forced to hold her. She was exceptionally focused on hurting me by kicking and scratching me and I couldn't get in a position that protected me as well as her. In the process, she almost managed to get her teeth in me and I had to switch positions again. She was scratched in this event that lasted almost an hour. I, like many women, have longish nails. Before I knew she had been scratched, I cut them to the quick, again. I do everything in my power to protect the child I am being forced to hold. There are the rare incident they get a minor scratch or mark. After her shower, I noticed it and put ointment and band aids on it so she wouldn't be bothered by her shirt on it. I apologized to her b/c I felt bad. All she said was, "You didn't mean to. You would never hurt us." Talk about breaking my heart.

I rarely talk about Alyssa but I wanted to share that their father has all but disappeared from their lives. He hasn't come for a visit since July, he has almost stopped his children support, and barely returns calls to them. It is very hard for them to come to terms with this. Eddie has reignited his wetting and Alyssa has all sorts of fun behavior you may recognize. She is hoarding things in her bed like toys, food, books, and clothes that do not belong to her. She sneaks toys to school. She has pushed the kids so hard at the bus stop that she has to stay on the porch until they see the bus b/c I worry someone will be run over. She is openly defiant. She has been told by us that she may not sit with the rest of our kids on the bus and she does this by getting the driver involved. She claims that what happens at home stays there. She will regret that position before to long. She mutters under her breath. She is a master manipulator and tries to triangulate her mother and I. She refuses to accept any answer she doesn't agree with. She has decided the best way to torture some of my children is to show her privates or hound them about their insecurities. I am impressed with her recent improvements in her diet. She will eat a few bites of veggies at dinner. She is a tough little cookie, that's for sure.


Michelle said...

Your kids are just SO adorable:)

I'm so sorry to hear that about Alyssa. I hope her Mom is getting her some therapy/help:)

Book Lover said...

Tudu your kids are so darn cute. I love the halloween pics. Why can't you dress up in your county? I've never heard of that. I had hoped things would settle down some for your family, but I guess not. Sorry to hear about the continuing issues. That is sure scary that young girls can get hooked up so easily in chat rooms. Crazy.

Kim Chrisman

adoptyaroslav said...

Okay, I gotta ask, what is this about your county not allowing kids to dress up for Halloween? I've heard of dry counties, but nothing like this before!

Must be somewhere in TX, they're kinda stupid like that down here.


sage_eyes said...

Thanks for the info. on Omegle.

I was just wondering if any of your children ever view your blog?


Tudu said...

Sage eyes, Rosa is the only one that reads it and it is sporadic, at best.

I'm not in TX, LOL. I'm not sure the reason they don't celebrate here. I think it is for religious reasons.

Tricia said...

thanks for sharing the pics!!

Sara said...

Ok, can I ask what Rosa was supposed to be for Halloween?

Tudu said...

Rosa was a Hang Over.