Friday, November 13, 2009

She Loves Me

One of the kids had a rough day at school and an even more eventful evening. I won't go into what started her screamfest but I will say, I asked her to stop doing something that could ruin the septic tank balance and force us to spend a great deal of money to fix her mess. I was irritated but tried to explain why she can't do it. Before she ever began using the item, I explained with passion what would happen. I must have inspired her to see if it would really happen. The explanation set her off. I walked away and waited. She escalated. We ignored her screams until she began to bend the door on the cabinet that holds their TV in the Playroom. The pressure she was putting on the door caused the entire thing to lean forward. Within seconds the giant TV an the cabinet would have been on her. I ran to pull her away and it rocked back into place. She turned and began to attack me. I had no choice but to move her to the floor. I only had to hold her for less than 10 minutes. When I felt it was safe enough to let go, I insist they continue to lay there until they calm down. She did but she began her 45 minute screamfest. Unfortunately, we barely notice b/c it happens so much. Most of the kids don't even respond b/c they know I will keep everyone safe. That is why I was so surprised to find this on the desk under the agendas this morning.

Dear (Child that screamed her head off)
When you throw your fits I wonder if you really understand whether or not you scare the crap out of me. I think since your getting so big that you might hurt yourself, mom, the kids or me the most. I don't appreciate it when you start hitting or kicking her. Oh and call her names. How would you like it if she got mad at you and started hitting and kicking and calling you names? You wouldn't like it. Have you ever thought you might hurt her feelings? Have you ever thought when you hit or kick mom how much you could hurt her? She takes VERY good care of you, more care than you ever have gotten. You should thank her. When she takes you down like she does she's trying to protect you, her, and us cause if she didn't some of us would be seriously hurt right now. You owe Mom a huge apology. She LOVES you a lot.
Love your big sis

It wasn't left for me to read. It was written to get some things off her chest. My previously completely unattached and emotionless child defended me. She cares about my feelings and my physical well being. I think I may skip around today with joy that she is going to be OK. She has been trying to express her feelings lately and I think she has come the farthest of the children. I couldn't be any more proud of her than I have been for the last year watching her grow into such a lovely young woman.


Kelly said...

Wow. I'm in tears reading her letter. I would skip too if I were her mom (and I might just get up and skip for you!!) Happy Day!...... Monumental Day! :) Wow!

adoptyaroslav said...



Book Lover said...

WOW!!!! How awesome is that? Your heart must feel such joy today. It's times like this that will help you survive another day.
So happy for you

Kim Chrisman

Kate said...

Wow. That was seriously a beautiful letter (and beautifully written too!) I hope her sister reads it!

Michelle said...

Your daughter just gave you an early Christmas gift...and it's the gift that keeps on giving!

Annie said...

That's lovely.

Abby said...

That is fantastic! So exciting. Yay for progress!!! =)