Saturday, November 14, 2009

Have You Clicked Lately?

I am sure most of you noticed that I added some advertisements to the blog. Have you clicked on any of them? Check them out, I get paid!

Happy Anniversary, Kiera! It's been a year since you came into our lives and stole our hearts. We are a better family with you in it.


Melissa said...

I will try to remember to click daily.

Book Lover said...

I just became a clicker!!


Kim Chrisman

Michelle said...

Since the ad's have been added to your page, your page never loads correctly now for me! Most of the time I have to "trick" the page to show your post by scrolling up and down the page to get the words about the ad to show.

I'll try to remember to click on them though.

Ms. Heather said...

Yeah I clicked...must say this gene profiling bit sounds rather interesting, wonder what they would find in MY gene profile??? I think I'd rather not find out.

Do you get paid per click, or does said clicker actually have to fill out the form/buy the product?