Monday, November 09, 2009


I sing constantly to the kids. It is not uncommon for me to belt out a song I have rewritten to fit a situation. I try to remember some of the good ones and they have become our family songs. The kids now sing them to each other when they do certain things. It is how I cope, help them cope, and find a giggle when things seem hopeless. Kiera has picked up the habit. Today I had to stop by the DFCS office to have the case closed. (All went well and we cleared up a few more things they had incorrect like they thought I was running around calling my kids crazy, like that is a bad thing. which reminds me of a song we sing.) Anyway, I told Kiera and Gia I'd feed them after I the meeting.

As we got back into the van, Kiera began singing. "McDonald's. McDonald's. My little McDonald's. I love you McDonald's." You get the idea. It went on and on. She is 2. How sad is that? She doesn't really eat there and she really doesn't watch TV. Somehow they managed to get to her. If that wasn't bad enough, she sang it all the way home at the top of her lungs. She even told me to turn off the radio so she could hear herself.

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Michelle said...

Kiera sounds like my Hannah, who is also 2. She sings about everything...and tries to do it quite dramatically (picture a broadway singer/dancer, lol)

BTW, I'm close by you and our adoption subsidy check is late also. Maybe our state is having money issues.