Friday, November 06, 2009

Adoption Assistance

For the last year and half our adoption assistance has come from the county we adopted from. For some random reason, they switched it to the county we reside in. Seems simple right? It didn't come this month. We usually would have gotten it Tuesday or Wednesday of this week so I called them to find out what was up today and was informed they have no idea why or when we should receive it. I called our county and they won't answer or return my calls. The last time there was a change in our assistance, it took MONTHS to fix it. We can not go months without it this time.

For those of you that are completely confused about Adoption Assistance, let me explain. When you adopt older children with special needs from foster care, they pay a small amount of "child support" to help meet their needs. In our case, it allows me to be the SAHM they require. The first year and half I had 28 appointments a week. I was literally scheduled out every day of the week. As they have healed, we have been able to discontinue their OT, Speech, and extra therapy visits. We were going to the psychologist twice a week for a long time. I couldn't have worked. Now, they may not have as many appointments but they sure need me to be here nearly every second of the day. It has allowed us to provide for them, nothing more. We couldn't have adopted such a large group without it. It is only provided for the sibling group all our other children have no support. We had to fight for what we do receive and our agency had to go to great lengths to help us prove our children had significant emotional issues. They were wonderful and if anyone in my area wants to adopt, I would be happy to share their info with you.


Abby said...

Where's the paypal button? =)

SanitySrchr said...

Wow!! 28 appointments in a week? Based on the normal work week, that equates to almost 6 per day!

I'm sorry these donkey sphincters are jacking with the assistance. I pray it returns quickly!

Book Lover said...

Oh no!! Why must they make everything so difficult? And then they wonder why more people don't adopt. Hopefully this will be straightened out quickly. Prayers are with you.


Kim Chrisman

Stacy said...

That is terrible and I hope it gets straightened out soon! Is there a legal aid organization or children's law nonprofit in your area with lawyers that could help you? If I knew where you lived, I could look for you, but Google could probably do the same thing.

I do public benefits law in another state, and while I've never done an adoption support case, this is the sort of thing I straighten out ALL.THE.TIME: someone's benefit's stopping for seemingly no good reason. If you are able to find a legal services lawyer, they might know highers-up in the county to call. Sometimes, just having two people (you and an attorney) bugging the county can speed things along--and save you some time for being with your kids!

Good luck.