Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Bit of a Charlie Brown Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and I have not done ANY shopping. Usually, I am nearly done. Money is tight this year so we have decided to do a group gift for the kids from Santa, a WII. A used WII to be exact. I have been searching Craigslist for just the right one, cheapest would be the most important criteria. The kids won't even notice as long as it is plugged up. I have found them for $100-150 and have every intention to purchase one this week. The holiday will be sparse this year with 11 kids to buy for but we will find a way, I'm sure.

Frankee called night before last with her normal death and dying situations. She is off her meds AGAIN. She is so hard to listen to and sometimes I wish she would find someone else to fix her problems for her. She thinks no one else understands her. She might be right but I could use s break from her drama. She needs a place to go and I can't be it. I think she is using and I can't risk our life for her's.

Rosa has 5 weeks left of the police academy and she is wearing down. She has a bad case of procrastination. She hasn't looked for a job yet b/c she fears they won't hire her.

Alyssa is still being a butt munch. An example that happened this morning is Emma was unloading the last few items out of the dishwasher and Alyssa was sweeping the floor. Alyssa had just begun and Emma was nearly done. Alyssa insisted Emma close the dishwasher so she could sweep under the door of it. She had the entire floor to do and wanted to start there b/c Emma was there. I heard Emma ask her several times to hang on and she would move. When I walked in the room, Alyssa had a hold of the dishwasher door and refused to let go. Emma was trying to get the last item out and she was being smooshed in the door by Alyssa. She literally refused to let he get her arms out. I startled her by smacking her rear lightly. She still didn't budge. I asked her to and nothing. I had to pry her off of the dishwasher door so Emma could get her arms out of it. Alyssa made sure to throw herself to the floor in a very dramatic fashion. I almost laughed but realized it would further her self pity mode.


Kelly said...

Things are going to be sparse around here this Christmas too. The copays for Bryant's injury are going to set us back $2000 which was a lot of our Christmas money we had put back. Glad we had it saved but it changes our Christmas plans that's for sure.

kelly said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog from another blog that I stumbled across and I find your story very inspiring. I am a Prosecutor in the Chicagoland area and it seems to me that the A.D.A in your case did a wonderful job, not only with the case, but also with handling your children and preparing them to testify which can be traumatizing for anyone. If you are still allowing people access to your private blog I would like to be able to read more especially if you go into more depth about the trial because unfortunately your children's situation is not unique and it seems like the justice system did a good job for once and I would like to learn more about how they made it all come together. Anyway its good to know that after so much bad in their lives, they now have you to show them some good. Keep up the good work :)

Michelle said...

We've decided that for now on we will give them big birthdays, but a small Christmas (like $50) a piece.

We don't do the Santa thing for religious reasons, and since our kids are not in a public school they don't have the pressure of getting a lot of stuff to fit in. Besides, no matter how much we get them they always play with or use just 1 or 2 of the items and the rest usually gets donated within a few months to charity.

Tudu said...

Kelly, I can relate to unexpected expenses.
kelly, please email me through my profile.
Michelle, there is nothing bad about a small Christmas. My kids only play with a few things, too.