Tuesday, November 03, 2009

You Can't Polish a Turd

I called Rosa's soon to be ex husband last night for Alyssa. As I explained yesterday, she is having a very hard time right now. He hung up on me. I was polite and called him back and left a message. I explained that we must have been disconnected and I relayed the message that Alyssa wanted him to know. He knew she was waiting to talk to him, he didn't care. I waited until the kids were in bed and called him back leaving another message. One that made me feel better. I invited him to save the msg for the Judge or his lawyer and laid it all out for him. He is refusing all the regular scheduled and extra visits that he has been offered. He is not financially supporting his children. He doesn't call or return calls to them. He is the one missing out but worse than that, they need him. They have actually asked for a new dad. They have no idea that the one they got is the only turd they get. His actions are making them feel unworthy and in secure. I suggested he man up. Like I said, I felt better. I'm sure he just deleted it w/o listening.

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FosterAbba said...

You are so right. You can't polish a turd.